Brent & Kilburn Times coverage of Wellcome Photography prize shortlisting

Thank you to the Brent & Kilburn Times in London who have done a lovely write up on how one of the portraits from Best Days Of Your Life has been shortlisted in the Outbreak category for the Wellcome Trust’s international Wellcome Photography Prize.

Last year, the Brent & Kilburn Times wrote about how the project came about and why it’s important that the issue of youth self-harm is on the agenda and needs to stay that way. From that piece online and in print, people got in touch with me.

As always, local media is very important to me.  They are the eyes and ears of what is happening locally.  The support from local media is essential to ensure people know what is going on around them in the community.

Thank you again to the Brent & Kilburn Times for your reporting of important issues on a local level that go far beyond that.