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My first time photographing a Royal

Over the last few months, I have been teaching photography to spinal injury patients at Horatio’s Garden, which is a wonderful charity dedicated to creating gardens for spinal injury units nationwide. Meeting and teaching patients has been incredibly humbling, hearing their stories and watching them exuberantly engage with their new photographic skills. Horatio’s Garden was… Read More

Another year older, another year to be me

It’s been a few days since my last chemotherapy infusion and this phase of my breast cancer treatment comes to an end and the next begins. Admittedly, a few bottles of bubbly marked this treatment milestone and today turning a year older, I reflect over the last few months since first discovering my breast cancer…. Read More

Hair today, gone tomorrow

It’s been a number of weeks since I began chemotherapy treatment and a few weeks since my children armed with hair clippers shaved my head. Hair is such a strange thing, we want it in some areas and in other areas we don’t. It can be such an integral part of who we are and… Read More

Food Glorious Food

Getting ill is shit the best of times but as I’ve discovered with my breast cancer surgery and now with chemo treatment, it provides a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate. I could talk about re-evaluating life and its meaning, but for me, at the moment, it’s giving me a great opportunity to re-evaluate my diet. When… Read More

Why I Am Thankful

The one thing that is obvious on this journey with breast cancer is the importance of support – and I’ve been lucky to have some truly wonderful and lovely support from family and friends but equally it’s the support you get from those in the medical profession. For me, it’s been the amazing people who… Read More

Signed, sealed and about to be delivered

So today waivers and consents have been signed and next Friday, I begin the next stage of my battle against Lucifer. It’s now time to be injected with the chemo phase of my road to recovery from breast cancer. Lucifer has been expelled and the chemo, like the bouncer on a nightclub door is there… Read More

2020 Vision Project photographs get shown at exhibition

As some of you may know, I am one of the photographers to the 2020 Vision Project where together with 100 other photographers across the UK we volunteered our photography time to produce beautiful portraiture of NHS healthcare professionals to be actioned after the Covid-19 pandemic through an exhibition and book. In total 600 people… Read More

The Seven Week Itch

It is seven weeks since I had surgery for breast cancer and 11 weeks since making that first phone call to my GP which changed everything. Life certainly took a turn and there has been pain, tiredness, sickness and swelling. As a frequent visitor to the Royal Free Hospital in north west London during a… Read More

Three weeks later

This week marks three weeks since I had my starring role as I undertook surgery for breast cancer. As I begin the process of recovery, my mind is focused on the impact that breast cancer has and the various follow ups I’ve had and will have over the coming weeks. It’s about adjustments, not just… Read More