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Svalbard 120 hours Of Polar Night

A little while has passed since my arctic adventure and the photos still aren’t fully edited and this blog is long overdue, however I’m still going to write it. Back in February, in celebration of a milestone, a bucket item got ticked off my list, but never from my heart. Svalbard, a remote Norwegian island… Read More

Stand-up in Eight

Six weeks ago, on a cold, dark evening in November, I made my way down to Kings Cross in London and although I didn’t know it then, I was about to meet a group of strangers that would become my confidants and I theirs. I had been persuaded to enter the world of stand-up comedy… Read More

Stories from the Pit – what really goes on behind the camera at London Fashion Week

Twice a year, fashionistas primp & preen descending on London for Fashion Week, coming out in their glory for all to admire. For this latest round, I was lucky enough to attend last month’s show and join in the photographers’ pit. The term pit is not one that conjures up warmth and cosiness. The space… Read More

The Kids, Adobe & Me

Three weeks ago, armed with, kids, camera, laptop and a long list of shoots that needed to be edited and filled with good intentions of catch up work alongside some sol and a bit of sangria, the kids and I boarded our Costa bound Easyjet flight. On arrival, whilst my first task was to put… Read More

Oh what a night!  No dancing under the Blood Moon

Should I, or shouldn’t I?  Do I want to take photographs of the Blood Moon that was due to be seen at night in London on 27 July? Over the preceding days before the arrival of Blood Moon, the media has gone into overdrive.  It was being described as the most amazing Blood Moon that… Read More

Have camera, will travel and do photographic exhibitions

Hi. I am Jude Wacks. I am a photographer. That’s what my website says when you first visit it, let me tell you how I got there from nothing a year ago. It was in the summer of 2017, just 12 months ago, that I took the plunge to sign up to a Graduate… Read More