Islington Gazette coverage of being shortlisted for Wellcome Photography Prize

As someone who grew up in the Barbican, in the city of London, I’m very proud of my roots and background and so it was very nice to see my childhood local newspaper, Islington Gazette, write about one of the portraits from Best Days Of Your Life being on the shortlist for the Wellcome Trust’s international Wellcome Photography Prize.

It’s great to see and receive local media on such important issues such as youth self-harm and I am committed to ensuring awareness of this is raised both on a local and national level.

As I have previously said, since beginning Best Days Of Your Life one year ago, I have been truly amazed by the interest the project has generated, humbled by those that it has touched and who have been moved enough to reach out and share their story with me. But mostly, I am proudest of the eight young people who were all brave and honest enough to step forward and show the world the amazing individuals they truly are.

If you would like to discover more about the Best Days Of Your Life project, wish to be in it or know someone who may also be interested, reach out to me or share.

Thank you again Islington Gazette for reporting on this important subject.