Signed, sealed and about to be delivered

So today waivers and consents have been signed and next Friday, I begin the next stage of my battle against Lucifer. It’s now time to be injected with the chemo phase of my road to recovery from breast cancer.

Lucifer has been expelled and the chemo, like the bouncer on a nightclub door is there to ensure any undesirable guests are permanently removed.

But with the imminent chemo treatment due to start, it’s going to be another change in my life and another challenge physically and emotionally.

From cutting & bleaching my hair blond, it’s now nearing the time to embrace the 20/21 bald look. I think of it as another style which under normal circumstances I would never do, but men do it all the time, so now I will too and do my best to maintain my sense of humour, fun and style.

Chemotherapy hair loss is not just confined to your head, so whilst some loss means a welcome break from beauticians wax strips, other losses like eyelashes, brows and nasal hair have wider implications.

The chemo side effects are many, but fatigue, I think will be the biggest to overcome, so whilst I’ve been prepped and have an understanding of what it is and what it will bring to my life, you can’t really predict how things will be, everybody is individual and reacts differently.

I’m a bit scared of this unknown, but being scared also means becoming prepared, bracing myself and getting stronger in my mind to deal with it.

Whilst breast cancer has slowed some things, it certainly hasn’t stopped me from what I want or need to do which is grow my photography career, enjoy life and achieve.

The journey of my life continues, and the best is yet to come.