@a_lifetimes_work, is a photographic exhibition that celebrates and recognises the importance of family businesses in the London Borough of Brent which launched May 4 2020 on Instagram,  as part of Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture.”


A Lifetime’s Work

A Lifetime’s Work is a photographic project focusing on families serving the community within Brent which celebrates and recognises the diversity of independent family businesses over generations that have played a major role to the local Brent community and to the wider world in the past, present and the future curated and photographed by local Brent photographer Jude Wacks.

“During this difficult time of Covid-19, our local businesses have become even more important to us, literally becoming the only lifeline we can rely on. Others due to their nature since the start of this project have had to temporarily close their doors, but this is maybe a time for us to value those that have serviced our local areas and beyond.,” says Wacks, a photographer, mental health campaigner and mother of 4 teenage daughters .

Wacks explains how the project came about. “The inspiration for this photographic project came from John Gibbons, my local greengrocer, who has stood near Dollis Hill tube station for the last 43 years. I wanted to share John’s personal story and then showcase the many others within the London Borough of Brent who have dedicated themselves to their family businesses and local communities.”

Wacks added: “During Covid-19, I have had to revisit the project to reflect on what is happening now. This makes the project an important statement on how we as a society need to support our local businesses. In these difficult times, we need to be there for them so they will be here for us.”

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