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A LIfetime’s Work
@a_lifetimes_work, is a photographic exhibition that celebrates and recognises the importance of family businesses in the London Borough of Brent which launched May 4 2020 on Instagram,  as part of Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture.

A Lifetime’s Work is a photographic project focusing on families serving the community within Brent which celebrates and recognises the diversity of independent family businesses over generations that have played a major role to the local Brent community and to the wider world in the past, present and the future curated and photographed by local Brent photographer Jude Wacks.





Best Days Of Your Life
Best Days Of Your Life, highlights and focuses on a scarred generation filling UK schools, illustrating the alarming rise in children hospitalised through self-harm, indiscriminately affecting all socio-economic demographics.

In 2019, Wacks was shortlisted for the international Wellcome Trust Photography Prize and her shortlisted ‘Best Days Of Your Life’ portrait of Alan was exhibited at the Lethaby Gallery in London.

Best Days Of Your Life is a photographic project that seeks to explore and offer an insight and provide the means for discussion into the ‘epidemic’ of mental health issues that our society faces both locally and globally with the rise of self-harm among adolescents.

The visibility of Mental Health, an ‘invisible illness’, is depicted through this group of 18-20 year olds, who all self-harmed throughout their secondary school careers. At first glance, an average looking group of teens, who like other sufferers, cover-up, reply they are ‘fine’, and who are perceived to be enjoying the best days of their lives.

Best Days Of Your Life, also questions the wider mental health balance of exposure and awareness. It examines the intimate choice of covering-up or revealing the invisible pain and questions the observers’ choice of awareness level and visual clarity when ‘seeing’ our children, their scarred generation and those around us.