As some will know, I’m one of the contributors to the 2020 Vision Project where together with 100 other photographers across the UK we are volunteering our photography time to produce beautiful portraiture of NHS healthcare professionals to be actioned after the Covid-19 pandemic through an exhibition and book being planned.

For my latest shoot and here’s some behind the scenes photos, I was back in north west London to meet Joanna at her home.

Joanna is a Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon at UCLH in London and during Covid-19 was Co-ordinator Pan London Breast Hub. During the pandemic, the NHS has commissioned private hospital operating theatres, which Joanna is coordinating at the Wellington Hospital in St. John’s Wood.

The irony for me, was on the day of our shoot, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer myself and will be having treatment at the Wellington Hospital in two weeks time!

My aim with the project is to really find out about the person who is behind the mask by photographing the tribute nominees enjoying their “me time” activity.

For Joanna, her “me time” is centred around her children and family including Barney the dog. During lockdown apart from working superhard, Joanna has undertaken renovation work to their garden to ensure its user friendly for her cricket mad boys.

Among the many things that have inspired Joanna during Covid-19 is “Colleagues putting the patients first- working extended days to make sure patients got their treatment even when their own families were battling Covid-19”.