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The show must go on

Sun, sea & Sangria are the summertime S’s I love, but as some of you may know, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and the other three S’s came into effect – it was a shock, it was shitty and it does shake you up. This week, on Tuesday, I will be undergoing surgery… Read More


As some will know, I’m one of the contributors to the 2020 Vision Project where together with 100 other photographers across the UK we are volunteering our photography time to produce beautiful portraiture of NHS healthcare professionals to be actioned after the Covid-19 pandemic through an exhibition and book being planned. For my latest shoot and… Read More


This is hard, tough and quite shitty, but recently I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 51. The irony that this diagnosis arrived on the day I was due to photograph a Breast Surgeon for the 2020 Vision Project NHS tribute, did not escape me! I don’t like the term ‘the Big… Read More

Brent & Kilburn Times covering A Lifetime’s Work.

My local newspaper, the Brent & Kilburn Times have written a story on the Umeria family, owners of Kensal Rise shoe repairers Brown Edwards, a long-established north west London local business that opened its doors in 1914 and since 1984 has been owned and operated by the family. The Umeria family are part of my project… Read More