Best Days Of Your Life featured in Amateur Photographer magazine

To say I am just chuffed is an understatement. I am totally delighted, honoured and really excited to be featured in the weekly Amateur Photographer magazine.

The power of photography to tackle sensitive subjects is immense. Amateur Photographer has long been a supporter of photography projects and work that uses the power of the picture and image to help improve people’s lives and it is wonderful that they’ve now written about Best Days Of Your Life.

At a time when young people’s mental health is on the agenda and self-harm is on the rise, it’s to be applauded and thanked that Amateur Photographer has covered my work in which the issue is explored in order to help raise awareness of it.

Through my project and work on Best Days Of Your Life, it provides a way in which discussion and open conversation can be shared by those affected by self-harm and mental health issues and those both near and close who are also affected.