Busy time for London’s pop-up headshot studio

It’s been a great and busy week helping clients get their perfect headshot portrait taken with my latest pop-up headshot studio which took place on Thursday in Golders Green, north west London.

Since 2017 I’ve been organising pop-up headshot studio sessions across London that allow people from business men and women working in the city to return to work mums to get their perfect image that can be used on job applications, work websites and other places that need a professional image provided.

I love seeing the results where people use the image taken to help them get the opportunity they are seeking.

With the rise of LinkedIn and other business related platforms, the need for an image that shows the best you is paramount.

I always ensure the client’s image is captured with the professionalism it deserves.

After the summer break, I’ll be setting up autumn sessions and look forward to working with and delighting clients with the professional image they seek.

To view examples of headshots visit: https://www.judewacks.com/portfolio/headshotsandportraits/